Our turnkey camps make it easy to partner with and host flag football camps in your area with the help of our dedicated team!



Flag football is is a great way to introduce football skill development and Summer programming in your area! Not only is it one of the fastest growing sports in the world and the verge of Olympic inclusion, but it’s expanding quickly as a varsity and collegiate women’s sport as well!


Our team will work with you to get all the marketing, website and registration set up where you coordinate local staffing and a facility to host! 


Our goal is to make the camp as turnkey and instructional as possible. We provide all the tools to help make your camp-running experience seamless and enjoyable!


While we will set up everything you need to run the camp and provide curriculum and training, our local directors will assist at the local level staffing, advertising and managing the on-site activations.


Below is an example of what a typical half-day schedule could look like. Each camp may be different and modified to each directors preferences. Full-day camps would typically duplicate the schedule in the afternoon and incorporate new drills and games.


In addition to the valuable skill development and fun experience, each camper will receive each of the following swag kits:

Coaching staff will also receive the following:


$75 of each registration goes towards the UA kit fee to cover all of the camper and director gear, website and creative to get the camp ready. The local director sets the final camper price.

Every camp is different, but below is a sample budget to give you an idea of what the opportunity and expenses might be.

  • UA Camp Series Fee – $75 per player for all creative, management and merch
  • Facility Rental – ~$5 per player per 3 hour day
    • Based on ~$50 per hour rental field per hour with an average of 30 players participating in a 1 day camp from 9:00am – 12:00pm.
  • Coach Staffing – ~$6 per player per 3 hour day*
    • Based on $20 per hour rate for one coach per every 10 players in a 1 day camp from 9:00am – 12:00pm.
    • *All directors and coaches must pass a standard background check to be eligible to participate. Additional fees may apply.
  • Equipment – Max of $6 per player
    • Based on 30 player minimum if you start from scratch
    • $175 total for 5 Footballs ($75), 1 Water Coolers + Cups ($50), 1 Rope Ladders ($30), 20 7″ cones ($20), 20 disc cones ($20).
  • TOTAL: $90 – $95 per camper in anticipated expenses

Suggested camp registration price:

  • 1 Day (6 hour) Camp – $125 – $30 profit per participant to affiliate director – $900 profit per every 30 participants
  • 4 Day (3 hour) Camp – $175 – $50 profit per participant to affiliate director – $1,500 profit per every 30 participants


Interested in running a camp in your area? Apply now and we will send you more information to get started right away!

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